From Le Puy-en-Velay to Conques


Notre-Dame de France - Le Puy-en-Velay


Notre-Dame Cathedral in Le Puy-en-Velay - Haute-Loire


The cloisters of the Cathedral


The Aiguilhe quarter - Le Puy-en-Velay


St-Michel d'Aiguilhe - Le Puy-en-Velay


St-Michel d'Aiguilhe - The entrance porch


Starting from the Cathedral in Le Puy-en-Velay - Haute-Loire


Plaque on the Place du Plô


Chapel of St. Roch - Montbonnet


The river Allier in Monistrol - Haute-Loire


The chapel of the Madeleine, after Monistrol d'Allier


Cross along the path


Descent towards Saugues through the broom


Impressive sculpture of the beast of Gévaudan


View over Saugues


Romanesque virgin - St. Médard church in Saugues


12th century tower at La Clauze


The forest in the beautiful Domaine du Sauvage


The Boralde - Domaine du Sauvage


The former Knights templar farm surrounded by ponds


Stella, Mahé, Pierre, Philip and Marc (May 2000)


Chapel of St. Roch at the Hospitalet pass




Entering the Aubrac


Typical Aubrac countryside


Valérie, Mahé, Hélène and Marie-Amandine (September 2010)


Drinker carved from a granite boulder - Rieutort d'Aubrac


Old stone bridge over the river Bès


Sylviane, Christophe and Mahé - St. Andéol lake (October 2003)


The 11th century romanesque church - Nasbinals


Crossing the Aubrac plateau


The beautiful cows of the Aubrac breed


Isolated stone sheds in the Aubrac


Madonna and child overlooking the village of Aubrac


The village of Aubrac


Wisdom of the Camino


The Dômerie of Aubrac


The 14th century Tour des Anglais transformed into a pilgrims' shelter


William and Aurélie take care of their feet


The medieval Pont des Pèlerins at St-Chély d'Aubrac


We are celebrating Nico's birthday at the gîte of St-Chély (May 2008)


Josiane, Yula and Mahé : last rest before St-Côme d'Olt (May 2005)


Colourful lizard


The beautifully restored convent of Malet - St-Côme d'Olt


SS Côme and Damien Church and its twisted spire - St-Côme d'Olt (Aveyron)


Gîte d'étape in former prison - St-Côme d'Olt (Aveyron)


Jo, Marie-Thérèse, Martine, Josiane, Mahé and Fabienne (May 2011)


Tympanum of the 10th century Church of Perse - Espalion


The 11th century Church of Perse - Detail


Frescoes - Church of Perse


The 16th century Vieux Palais at Espalion and the Pont Vieux - Aveyron


Reflections of riverside houses - Espalion


Church of St. Pierre at Bessuéjouls


Church of St. Pierre - 11th century St. Michel chapel


Picnic under a majestic redwood tree - St-Pierre de Bessuéjouls


Information for pilgrims


The GR65 path between Espalion and Estaing


Estaing and its 15th century castle


Pascal, Marc and Laetitia - Estaing (April 2003)


We have reached our goal ...


... and celebrate it, thank you Jacques ! (May 2011)


View over the Ste-Foy abbey church - Conques - Aveyron


The Porte du Barry, entrance of old Conques


A strange facade !


Statue of St-Jacques - Conques


The gîte of the Abbaye Ste-Foy - Conques


The 12th century abbey church - Conques


Vivid presentation of the tympanum by Brother Jean-Daniel


The 12th century tympanum of the abbey church - Conques


Interior of the abbey church


The contemporary stained glass windows by Pierre Soulages


We all meet again in Conques !

Lisa, Jocelyne, Claire, L'Enfant Roi, Mahé, Fée Clochette, Pascale and Marie (September 2011)


F I N © Mahé C. Roussy